Used moulding machine,buying,                      selling and stockist.

・Overhaul/Maintanance/After service.
・Conversion work,Installment of machinery etc.
・Relocational work,Removal of unnecessary machinery etc.
・Heating silinder(corrosion and abrasion-resisant)
・Overseas export service.

・We are the agent of all brand new machine.
・Vertical/Horizontal thermostet projection injection moulding machine.

(From small to large machinery.)

・Rotary moulding machine.(slide type)
・Vertical/Horizontal high temperatur project moulding machine.
・Vertical/Horizontal rubber injection moulding machine.
・Extruder and Blow machine etc.Plastic machinery in general.
・Buying and selling of the other machinery.

・Auto take out device.(Travers type)
・Crasher machine
・Belt conveyer
・Mold temperature controller machine
・Cooling system machine
・Dryer machine
・Loaer(complete and equal concidental parts)